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Brain Games


Minigames, psychometric tests and mental assessments to activate the mind. ★ Memory: Remember where the numbers appeared. You must press the buttons in the same order.
★ Reasoning: How is your logical thinking? Can you solve these tests? There are 3 levels of difficulty.
★ Concentration: A game of attention where your objective is to figure out the relationship between the figures that appear.
★ Spatial Intelligence: Here you must figure out which button comes next in a series. Once it is found, you can not press it agaiou lose a life. Phase will spend when you have found all buttons level.
★Velocidad: Muchas imágenes y una sola pareja. Encuéntrala rápido que se agota el tiempo.
★ Calculation: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
7 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Catalan, Galician, and German.